Music for Life of Pittsburgh offers the following services.
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Bedside Harp Music

Stephanie Miller, CMP, VAHTP, provides bedside harp music as a Certified Music Practitioner in various local health care settings. The  music in this setting is intended as a service instead of performance. All of musical selections are tailored to a patient’s or groups’ immediate needs in the moment. 

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) utilizes music and the spontaneous imagery it evokes as a tool for healing and growth. 

GIM services are offered by Robert Miller, MS, MT-BC.

Drum Circles are fun, interactive events that get everyone creating music together! No prior experience is needed to participate. 

Both Robert and Stephanie Miller are trained in drum circle facilitation. Click below to learn more, or to our events page to find upcoming drum circles!

Robert and Stephanie Miller offer Music for Special Events including weddings, memorials, celebrations, dinners, and any type of gathering. Either individually or as a pair, they cover a wide range of styles and genres.

Music Therapy services can be tailored to support each individual's journey, from rehabilitation and growth to increasing personal awareness and wellness. 

Music therapy services are offered by Robert Miller, MS, MT-BC.

Vibroacoutic Harp Therapy (VAHT) is a unique process of using harp vibrations to help restore balance within the body. Often VAHT is described as feeling like a musical massage. It is beneficial for issues such as pain, stress and anxiety, and it has virtually no side-effects, making it an effective complimentary therapy to use in conjunction with traditional approaches. 

Vibroacoustic Harp therapy services are offered by Stephanie Miller, CMP, VAHTP.